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The Money Game - life changing clarity and fun
  • Heal painful inherited beliefs about money, prosperity & scarcity.
    Restore your financial relationship. Become healthy, successful & abundantly wealthy.

    Come and have an absolutely fabulous 2 hours of insight and enjoyment with like minded people as you bring your money questions and frustrations and receive clarity on what has been operating in your life that up until today have not been aware of …  “you don’t know what you don’t know”.
  • For some of us, playing the money game will probably be an awakening fun, for others, it may stir up powerful feelings and reflections. We encourage players to accept and welcome all of your feelings and reactions, then to use them as grit for the mill, to help pinpoint places where you wish either yourself or society to change.

    We live in a world of extreme and painful economic inequalities, and contradictory messages about how much money we need and what we should do with it. The amount of money we are playing with in this room is more than some families in the world live on in a year. What $10 means to you may be very different than what it means to them.

    Come and have an absolutely fabulous time with insight and enjoyment sharing with like minded people as you release your money questions and frustrations. Receive clarity on what has been operating in you life that you until today  have not been aware of …
  • Are you over money struggles and feelings of lack and limitation?
  • Would you like to end reacting and buying into the appearances of lack?
  • Have you ever felt an invisible force blocking you from living the life of your most fulfilling dreams?
  • Are you constantly afraid of losing money?
  • Do you believe in debt, loss or that you are owed something?
  • Are you willing to receive and stop resisting?
  • How good are you at asking for money?
  • Would you like to discover the types of questions you need to ask to create success?
  • Are you are rejecting prosperity and not realising that supply is ever present?
Find out where the next Money Game is being held near you by clicking on "the Money Game" or  call Kerrie if you want more information 0422 695171 or email
The Money Game comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't believe you received value  after you have played the money game simply ask for your money back.
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